Winter foods to cut down on your weight loss

Are you travelling this winter? Then for train food delivery options you need to be aware about some winter foods helping you to shed weight. Hope on to know more about them in details


A tropical delight to feast, a sweet fruit not only will take your winter blues away and rich in taste. It is loaded with magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C and even potassium. The antioxidant levels of lycopene are at a higher level preventing occurrence of coronary heart ailment.

Sunflower seeds

A healthy, delicious and popular health snack just munching on a few of them would not only help you to cut down on your appetite but will provide your body with plenty of vitamin E, magnesium and selenium.


A natural and popular sweetener the natural content in honey peps up your energy levels reduces fatigue and strengthens your immunity system. It is blessed with anti- bacterial properties helping to sooth the winter pain and sore throats. This kills bacteria and an effective ingredient to be consumed during the winter months.


Considered to be a source of selenium, vitamin B 12 and a host of other amino acids. It helps to control weight of a woman, maintains a healthy weight and stabilizes your blood sugar levels.

Red papayas

A rich source of vitamin C and A. On consumption of them you end up adding antioxidants in a natural way. Not only it helps to maintain a healthy weight but leads to better digestion levels.

Fingering potatoes

Potatoes taste good and are rated to be an excellent source of minerals along with vitamins. Some people might be considered about the starch content present in them, but the skin of potato has enough fibre in them to ward off the starch present in them. When you combine it with other vegetables it is a best dish to have as it goes on to regulate your blood sugar levels.

Sweet onion

Make it a point that it is included as part of your diet during the winter months. Not only it helps to shed off the extra fat from your diet, but increases your metabolism and strength. Consume them as far as possible and blend them with other vegetables to provide a unique taste.


A perfect treat for the winters, they are rich in pectin fibre, antioxidants and even vitamin C. Highly effective in taste this would keep you away from various health problems.

Coconut milk

In case if you are really bothered about your weight, and are looking to shed it off, then opt for coconut milk that is formulated with fatty chain acids helping you deal with weight loss and peps up the process of metabolism

Mustard seeds

Try to add some mustard seeds that are low in calories and filling, though it is high on the nutrients front. Apart from this they are an excellent source of bone building calcium.

These are some foods that you can opt for during winter months to shed off the extra kilos.