What are the various steps required to perform the scan.

A CT scanner emits a series of narrow beams via the human body as it moves through an arc. The CT scan is very much different from an X-ray machine, which sends only one beam of radiation. CT scan produces a detailed final image. Anyone can see tissues within a solid organ. The captured data is transmitting to a computer, which creates a cross-section image of the 3D body and displays it on the screen. Sometimes a dye is used because it can help to show the structures clearly. For example, if a three-dimensional image of the abdomen is required, the patient may need to take a barium meal. The barium appears white in the scanner as it travels via the digestive system. If the images of the blood vessels are the target, then a contrast agent will be injected into the patient’s veins. The accuracy and speed of CTs can improve with the spiral CT. The beam takes a spiral path during the scan, so it collects regular data with no spaces between the images.CT is a tool to help diagnosis in medicine, but it is a source of ionizing radiation and can cause cancer. The ct scan Banglore maintain all the precautions, which are mandatory during the scan procedure. The National Cancer Institute recommends that patients analyze the risks and benefits of the exams with their doctors.

Various uses of CT scan:- A CT scan can detect multiple abnormalities in the soft tissues within the body.

It is used to obtain images of:

  •    Soft Tissues
  •    Blood vessels
  •    Pelvis
  •    Abdomen
  •    Lungs
  •    Bones
  •    Brain

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Often, CT is the ideal way to diagnose many cancers, like liver, pancreas cancers, and lung.

  •    The CT scan image allows a doctor to confirm about the existence and location of a tumor, and with the help of ct scan doctor also find out the size of a tumor and how fastly it has affected nearby tissue.
  •    A head scan can provide information about the brain, for example, if there is any bleeding, inflammation of the arteries or a tumor exists.
  •    A CT scan can find a tumor in the abdomen and any swelling or inflammation in internal organs. It can confirm any laceration of the spleen, kidneys or liver.
  •    A CT scan detects abnormal tissue; it is required for the planning of radiotherapy and biopsy areas and can provide essential data on blood flow and other vascular circumstances.
  •    It can help the doctor to evaluate bone diseases, bone density and the condition of the patient’s spine.
  •    It can also provide vital data on injuries to the hands, feet and other skeletal structures of a patient. In CT scan all small bones are visible, as well as their nearby tissue.

What are the steps performed during the procedure: –

Most CT scans are presenting as an outpatient procedure. As the patients do not require hospitalization, the patient is tested and then goes home.

  •    The CT scanner looks as large donut with a thin table in the middle. Like MRI, in which the patient could place inside the scanner tunnel, when a CT scan is ready to perform, the patient rarely experiences claustrophobia due to the opening of the scanner’s donut shape. Usually, the patient lies face up on the table, which moves at the centre of the machine. The patient moves via the scanner, either the head or the feet first, it depends on which part of the body is going to scanned. For specific scans, like paranasal sinuses and the middle ear, the patient lies face down and passes first through the head.


  •    The patient must remain still for the duration of the study, which is usually a few minutes. The overall procedure, which includes the configuration, the scanning itself, the control of the images and the extraction of the intravenous line if necessary, takes 15 to 45 minutes. Depending upon which part of the body is going to scan.

    For specific scans, the patient has to hold their breath for a maximum of 20 seconds.

    No metal used.

    The clothes the patient wears depend on the nature of the study. For the scan of the chest, abdomen, or pelvis, the patient will usually change his clothes into a hospital gown. For a CT scan of the head, the patient can wear any clothes.

    Sedation is not often necessary. The machine is silent, so the patient listens during the test is a silent buzz.

    The technician is in the next room and can monitor the patient through a large window.

The power of CT scan is so powerful and cheap now; all the images can now be reconstructed and cut into any desired axis. CT produces about 95% of all radiation doses on X-ray exams, but it is less than 2% of all X-ray scans. The doctors currently recommend only two CT scan per year. The recent incidences in various hospitals about the excessive administration of patients with deficient protocols have become out of control. The future of CT scan depends on reducing the dose of radiation and beam collimation to the desired volume of interest, rather than a broad sweep of the body without affecting the image quality and diagnostic capacity. A faster CT scan is always preferred; by continuous rotation, but freezing and compensating the movement of the organs remains complicated. Particularly the heart. Enhance the resolution. Submillimetre resolution is very desirable in CT since it carries the cost of a higher dose of radiation. In small animal images, a doctor can scan the entire body at a resolution of 180um in less than a minute using a cone beam orientation, much like a 3D dental image. That belongs to the new and special X-ray tubes and detection technology. X-ray tube in 20 years will probably be nanocarbon structure. Technology itself has a little more to go, but this area is related to the money. Developing a marker of specific molecular images for new and useful, non-toxic or low-toxicity diseases is where all the imaging technology is to be heading. The doctors recommend CT scan because it is used to scan full body or any specific part of the body. The best ct scan center in Bangalore provides the scanning at an affordable price or in less time.