What are the benefits of eating dark chocolates?

There are hardly any people who do not like eating chocolates. They are delicious and when it comes to present day scenario, there are endless varieties and flavours of chocolates that are available in the market which one can indulge into.

One can also buy chocolates online because the online chocolate sites also have different flavours and variations of chocolates and one can order what they love to eat the most. But among all the variants of chocolates that are available in the market, one should know that eating dark chocolates can be also about taking good care of the health. This is mainly because dark chocolates have a lot of anti oxidants and the flavonoids present in it are very beneficial for human health.

According to many studies, the darker the chocolate bar is, the better they can be for human health. This is because very dark chocolates are less processed and when it comes to a good dark chocolate then it means that it has at least more than 60 percent of cocoa. If that is the case, then one can intake 2 ounces from that bar on a regular basis to get all the goodness from it.

Here are some major benefits of eating proper dark chocolates:

They can fight back the radicals

As it has been mentioned earlier these chocolates are full of flavonoids and anti oxidants. As these are present in dark chocolates they can protect the cells present in the human body from getting affected by the free radicals. If the body has too much of free radicals then it can attack the working cells in a human body and also lead to some inflammation along with heart issues.

It prevents heart diseases

Yes, this version of chocolate plays a major part in preventing some major heart issues in a human body. There have been many surveys and studies related to this which says that if a person consumes a good amount of dark chocolate then there is a noticeable reduction in the heart disease related issues in their bodies. As per the studies they have the power to lower the development of heart problems at least 37 percent than in case of the other human beings.

It also decreases stroke rate

Many scientific studies have found out that if one eats 2 bars of dark chocolates in a week (which should contain more than 65 percent of cocoa) then they have at least 25 percent less chance of getting affected by sudden stroked than that of others. It is mainly because dark chocolate is full of flavonoids and it keeps the heart well.

Increases the level of good cholesterol

This chocolate is also termed as the super food and this is because it can lower the bad cholesterol in a human body. Dark chocolates have cocoa butter and they have a fat called obelic acid. It keeps the heart healthy and also raises the HDL or good cholesterol in the body.

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