Take Help Of A DUI Defense Attorney To Avoid Criminal Charges

The best thing to do if you face any legal charges under unfortunate circumstance is not to avoid or run away but to talk to people who have faced similar charges. Even better, you talk to a professional lawyer for that matter. You will be well informed about what to expect and what to do to avoid larger issues. Similarly, when you are charged with a DUI offense you should immediately get in touch with a local DUI defense attorney to find ways in which you can avoid serious criminal charges and longer time spent behind the bars. Remember, DUI laws change quite frequently and therefore an attorney is the best person to resort to.

The legal standard

When you are charged with a DUI offense the first thing you should know is the standard according to the law. You can talk to a qualified DUI defense attorney for that matter. According to the law this standard legal Blood Alcohol Content or BAC limit for any driver is 0.08%. However, it may vary according to the law prevailing in the state you reside in or the place where the incident happened. Therefore, it is best to ask the lawyer about your state limits. If you own a small car and charged with DUI, the law enforcement may let you go but mostly all states have a very strict and zero-tolerance policy toward drunk driving.

Other aspects of the law

The law of the state can be stricter for the commercial drivers for drunk driving. In addition to that any case of DUI for drivers under 16 years of age can also be severe which will warrant for a competent DUI attorney to avoid any criminal charges. The DUI law is also applicable for drivers driving under intoxication on the wrong side of a one-way road. This is called the aggravating factor and if you are charged with such cases you will have to pay hefty fines and penalties and even face possibly more jail time.

The technical aspects

Every legal matter will have a lot of technical aspects and DUI cases are no exception. If you are not aware of these technicalities then you may put yourself beeper in trouble. The best this to do is to ask a DUI defense lawyer about these technical wording of laws. For example, the simple word ‘road’ may have different meaning with the exact definition of it according to the law. It is for this reason that the new legislation all over the world is slowly but surely focusing on words that will present slimmer chances of such misunderstandings.

Know the penalties

The legal consequences of DUI can vary from state to state and therefore you should know about it as well. The penalties are however based on the severity of a DUI case and are usually charged from you to remind you of the actions that brought you into this situation in the first place. It is also the intention to provide you with some insight as to what you may expect if you are convicted of a crime.

About implied consent

Things such as implied consent can make matters worse. If you refuse a chemical test it might be considered as one and there are other stricter laws surrounding such refusals. If you are driving it is also implied that you are sober. Therefore, do not try to beat the system but take help of a qualified attorney to be with and in it to find a way in which you can best avoid any criminal charges pressed against you by the law enforcement.