Should You Create a Website on

Have you ever wanted to build a website of your own but you don’t know how? Maybe it’s because you don’t know to code. Maybe you don’t know how to purchase a domain or web hosting? These days, website creations has been made easy and manageable thanks to website builders. is one of those website builders that allows you to create a website and blog even if you don’t have any technical skills! Think of it as a guide or manual which helps you in the process of acquiring everything you need in the site.

So should you create a website on hPage website builder? Let’s evaluate.

What is a website builder?

A website builder is a platform where you can create your own website all by yourself even if you’re not a techie. You don’t need to learn how to code or program since the website builder guides you on how to acquire you website.

This kind of platform is good especially for beginners or those starting out in the website industry since they have all the features you need when it comes to website creation. They are also very cheap compared to most online tools available on the web.

How do you create a website on

All you have to do to get started is to go to and click the ‘Sign up’ button. Create an account for free and you will automatically get your own website creator dashboard after signing up. Add a website my choosing a domain (your website name) and pick a template that suits you.

After that, you may start adding and editing the web pages of your website using the hPage editor. You can also add files such as photos, videos, and documents in the file storage feature of hPage.

Putting your content on is free and easy to use. The page editor feature automatically converts plain text and other files into HTML so you don’t need to know how to code or program. It’s a good platform especially for beginners in tech.

Is free to use? is completely free to use and they will not charge you anything when it comes to creating a free website.

However, there are some drawbacks with a free website such as the following:

Basic website design themes

Limited business features

Basic data analytics

Smaller storage space for your files

Basic customer support

hPage domain ending (ex.

No newsletter feature


Meanwhile, the premium features come with these amazing features:

Premium website designs available

Access to all business features

Comprehensive data analytics

Large storage space for files (up to 5 GB)

Premium 24/7 customer support

Custom domain ending (.com/.net/.org/.edu/.de/etc.)

Newsletter feature

Membership area

You may upgrade to a premium website for only 5 euros/month and avail all the platinum business features and premium website themes that come with your website.

Are the website themes customizable on

The website designs on hPage are customizable to an extent. You can change the color scheme and edit them according to your brand’s color palette. You can also change the fonts and the font sizes.

Banner images and background color or image can be changed as well depending on the theme you decide to pick.

Overall, website creation using the website builder is fast, affordable, easy to use, accessible, and perfect for beginners. So I suggest that you check it out for yourself!