Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy

Acer Computer Support is a trustworthy organisation in the field of customer support to the major or minor technical issues with their PCs. We apply truthful strategy to our work to provide a satisfactory solution.

We are completely dedicated towards our duties of providing the instant and absolutely correct solutions for the technical issues that occur with your Computer systems and its peripherals. With the Certified and experienced technical experts, we are stood-up to deal with the technical issues in a perfect way. But, in any case, you are not satisfied with the services; we are totally committed to repaying you. Our markdown course of action in the matter of refund will be:

If you have raised an enrollment based course of action, in an unusual and odd event that our technical support have not been arranged and our support gathering is not prepared so that a particular issue stood up by you. Although the pre-essentials of giving the technical support is under 30 days time, a full rebate process will be begun to you.

However, if the issues whether it is one or more is adequately decided, then you would not demand the refund of the enrollment cost.

If you have filed an incident based course of action, your concern will fit the bill for a markdown if it is met with the going conditions.

Despite having each and every essential for benefitting the support and having an active record will take part in deciding the issue defy by you.

If the issue experienced by you is fully out of the degree of the course of action.

Acer Support Number has been counted as a trustworthy organisation and always committed to providing full support and assistance inside a day and the age of 30 days, you will be fit the bill for a markdown. For any assistance and change in refund policy keep in touch at or on call to make you up-to-date to the refund policies.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions specify important requirements regarding the use of Acer Support UK, moreover serve as a paper of trust between the customer and Acer Technical Support. These terms and conditions can be termed as ‘Terms of Use’ at various points that will be filed for each one of the methodologies of this site. It can be classified as the formal, honest to goodness and other specific essentials for using Acer Customer Service and portrays the relationship that our customer holds with us. You should read them carefully as they may contain very important information and instruction regarding the use of the Website as like How long a particular service lasts, fees for early termination, limitations of liability, privacy policies and settlement of disputes whether by arbitration or in court. If you accept the terms and conditions, you will agree to all our rules and it will be applicable to all plans and services provided by us. You must agree to the terms and conditions in order to be eligible to use the Acer Computer Support.

This term and condition report will provide clear basic information, at what degree the comprehension between Acer Laptop Support UK and the customer last. The general conditions and charges in which the end of the agreement of conditions, judgement to change in the conditions, liabilities, limitations, security, scope etc. now and then. These conditions will be available to almost all the organisation.

We use to update our terms of use on a regular basis and without any previous notification, hence, it is requested you to keep on read-through the terms and conditions for the latest changes. We consider our customer’s and site visitors privacy seriously and we only use the personal information provided by them for their benefits and profit only and we don’t make any unauthorised use of their personal data.

The terms and conditions will be applicable to all the individual plan picked by you on our website. These terms and conditions are important comprehensions and for using our services it is essentially required to go through these Terms of use and understand them carefully. In case, you don’t agree with any of the conditions, you can’t take benefit of the services offered by our organisation and you will be in the phase of leaving the site rapidly.

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