Realization of Corporate Videos. The 5 Basic Steps

If you run a company, small or large, you can’t ignore the communicative power of the video. Disseminated on social networks, inserted in your website, exhibited at an event … it will clearly explain your services, emphasize your know-how, suggest with moving shapes and colours, attracting everyone’s attention, involving and retaining your audience


But one should not be frightened by confusing the corporate video with a TV commercial: the creation of a video in infographics, for example, can be realized in a couple of days, including meetings and storyboards. Let’s see together the 5 development phases for the realization of corporate videos.

Step 1: set the goal

Often our customers tell us about their personal tastes and how they would like to make their video, but before imagining what kind of style and appeal the product should have, you need to set the main goals to be achieved. For example:

  1. need to explain a product or service , with real footage or animated graphics (see example)
  2. visibility on social networks through the creation of a viral video (see example)
  3. involvement of collaborators or members during an event (see example)
  4. customer loyalty with presentation video (see example)
  5. Realization of real tutorials to be included in your blog or YouTube channel (see example)
  6. need to keep track of an event through a simple assembly of live footage
  7. simple logo animation (see example)
  8. all things together … (see example)

Step 2: clarify the concepts

Once the goal is set, even in a generic way, we need to clarify the concepts we want to communicate. A simple lineup with the list of things to say is certainly a good start. Whatever the objective and therefore the type of video to be realized, things must be given an order, trying to leave important, strong, particularly engaging concepts at the end, creating a crescendo of interest and emotions.

Step 3: we develop the concepts

Now we need to decide based on the objectives and budget available:

  1. what kind of techniques we want to use for the realization of the corporate video,
  2. how long should the video last ,
  3. on which platforms and supports should be seen.

Be careful not to get carried away by the passion for cinema or the secret aspiration of an actor that you carry with you from childhood! Like all communication projects , we need to do competitive research, analysis of the target audience, analysis of production opportunities … so whatever your intent, we know that the ultimate goal of the corporate video production is to sell more, so you must like it to your audience, not to you. A brainstorming with colleagues and friends will help you clarify your ideas.

Step 4: the storyboard

Making the storyboard is not easy, but sometimes it is enough to have clear ideas and fix them on paper with the techniques that are best for us: texts, photos stolen here and there, and pieces of film … the important thing is to make yourself understood!

The texts must speak with the right language. If you refer to an audience of specialized technicians and industry experts, use your professional jargon as at any meeting; but if you turn to a larger circle, try to identify yourself with your user and replace each technical word with an extended explanation.

Pay attention also to the musical comment: whether it is a light background or a real soundtrack, it can be difficult to make the right and complicated choice to obtain permits.

Phase 5: choice of professionals to commission work or realization at home

Now all you have to do is make the final decision: can we do it ourselves or do we ask for help? And to whom to trust for work?

The professional figures that can come into play for the production of a mini-movie are various:

  • scriptwriter or storytelling expert
  • movie director
  • technician shooting
  • sound technician
  • assembly technician
  • motion graphic
  • colorist
  • 3D designer
  • 3D animator
  • web manager

We try to understand if we need someone’s hand by selecting the necessary workers. If we decide to commission someone we can decide between:

Communication agency: they think of everything, they participate in all the phases described with seriousness and professionalism, making available to the company all the professional figures and the necessary workers. It is worth asking for a quote, it costs nothing … but it is obvious that an important agency is synonymous with guarantee but also with important expenses

Video-maker: the video freelancer is often driven by great passion and will. Suitable for making simple videos, without visual effects or graphic video, preferably with footage taken without actors. Pay attention to the choice! In this sector, there are many improvised “professionals”.

Team of freelancers: the Squad team, the only one of its kind, represents the perfect middle ground between the agency, which has to cope with important fixed expenses and cannot do without asking more, and the individual professional, who asks less but cannot do everything! With a team of professionals, you get the best possible service at the lowest possible cost.