How to Travel to Saudi Arabia in 2019

Travelling to Saudia Arabia has always been challenging as the country is not too generous in giving visas. You could either get a business visa which requires a strong local connection that can sponsor you or you can get pilgrimage visa which is reserved just for Muslims. Times have changed a lot and now Western tourists are getting the opportunity to visit the country. It is a surprising change and it did not happen overnight. The country has been making small changes and they have softened their strict laws making it easier for international visitors to visit and enjoy the splendor the country has to offer.

Saudi Arabia is a gorgeous country full of marvelous sites and rich culture that has hardly been explored due to strict travelling laws. The laws have changed as single women can travel all by themselves, hijab is not essential and women can drive now and these are just some of the changes.

Here is a guide for people looking to pay Saudi Arabia a visit in 2019.

The visa options:

The first step to travelling to any country is to get the visa. To go to Saudi Arabia you need to explore the visa options. Muslims have the advantage of getting a pilgrimage visa is easy. There are cost-effective Umrah packages Birmingham that will offer people the opportunity to get the visa. The westerners have to look for other options. There are a lot of events that are happening in the country and by before 2019, the best way of getting a visa was to purchase a ticket to any of the events. An event such as Formula-E in Riyadh is a popular choice and allows you to get a valid e-visa. The validity of the visa can vary.

The problem visitors may face is that there are no official websites to keep track of the events that can get you a valid visa. The visa rules and prices can also vary with organizers of the event. Some of the reliable websites where you can get a visa include a website of Sharek, Winter at Tantora, etc.

Due to regular changes in Saudi bureaucracy no major events have been announced but keep checking and you will not miss the event that can get you a visa.

Get travel insurance:

The health care system in Saudi Arabia is extremely expensive so it is essential that travel with complete and proper travel insurance. It is important that you find an insurance company that can offer great insurance policies that cover an extensive range of adventure activities. Without the insurance, the trip can get pretty ugly so never underestimate the importance of a good insurance policy.

Means of travelling:

You can get to Saudi Arabia by air and by land. Flying is the best option as there are a lot of affordable international flights, especially to Riyadh and Jeddah. To get the best flight deals you should keep a close eye on the direct flight offers from other corners of the world.

Travelling by land is also an option but it is important to make sure that it is a convenient option. If you have other countries on the list like Oman then you can easily travel to Saudi Arabia by land and get to enjoy the landscape.

The visa application form plays a role in determining the means of travelling. The border between Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, and Jordan are open to anyone that has a valid visa. The borders of Yemen, Qatar, and Yemen are currently closed.

Saudi Arabia is an excellent holiday destination because of its gorgeous landscape and hospitable people. There are certain rules you will have to follow like women wearing an abaya, respecting the prayer time, no alcohol or drugs, etc. but following the rules is worth the trouble.