How To Get Fat Fast

Are you worried about your thin and pale look? Have you tried everything but failed? Do you want to get fat fast and look strong and energetic? Then these tips are for you.


Top 5 Ways To Get Fat

Eat Fast Food and Fried Foods more often

Fast food is an easy and affordable means to gain weight quickly. The fast-food centers generally serve the most fattening foods which will help you gain weight easily. You can also make fried foods a part of your general diet.

Thin and pale people certainly need more fat than normal people. So, they need not hesitate to grab those extra fatty foods like fried chicken, French fries, fried onion rings, fried potatoes, etc. Restaurants are a boon for the people who want to get fat fast. You may also need to take care of variancetv error while using this plugin.


Eat Snacks Continually

If you are keen on getting fat fast, you cannot just rely on three meals a day. Eat at least five to six times a day, substituting a couple of your meals with heavy snacks like popcorn, potato chips, tortilla, etc.

The rule is to have something to eat or drink throughout the day. If you do not find anything significant to eat, you can try munching on candy bars or carbonated drinks like sodas.


Have Lots of Soft Drinks

This is an easy way to gain those extra pounds and get fat fast. All the major soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi generally contain high fructose corn syrup which helps in putting on that extra weight. Since these soft drinks taste sweet and are generally had with friends, it is easy to make them a daily habit.


Lower you’re Vegetable Intake

Vegetables have very low calorific values and are simply empty vitamins. They can fill up your tummy, but will not provide those fattening options. Some vegetables contain fewer calories than that is required to digest them. So, it is better to avoid vegetables in general, especially when you are trying to get fat fast.


Increase Your Fat Intake

This is the obvious choice. Increase your fat intake in every possible way. Brown rice, Cereals, Pasta, Butter, Chocolate spreads, Cheese, Whole wheat bread, Dry fruits and Nuts, Dates, Yogurt, Fresh and pure fruit juices, Bananas, Mangoes, Olive oil

Chicken, Crab, Salmon, Beef, Ice creams, Berries, Condensed sweet milk, baked beans, Potato salad, Eggs, and Soybeans are some of the foods rich in fats. Plan your diet properly and include as many fatty foods as you can.


Exercise Less

This is another important factor when you are trying to get fat fast. People nowadays are calorie conscious, who like to work out regularly and burn off the fat inside their body.

But our body needs some fat too, to regulate and maintain metabolic activities. So, we should make sure to keep our workout levels to a minimum, or if possible, avoid exercise completely. This will help us in getting fat fast.


Important Note

The tips and procedures mentioned above are solely prescribed for thin and pale people who want to get fat fast. However, to safeguard our health in the long-term, it is also important to have hygienic food and follow a healthy lifestyle.