How Parental Control Apps Help to Feel Confident Giving your Child a Device

For a parent, there isn’t anything more important than a child’s safety. Who doesn’t want to keep their child at arm’s distance and make sure they can reach their little ones at hours of crisis?

With the on-going crime and unpredictable incidents occurring in the world, any parent can feel anxious about their child’s safety. Having a parental control app for GPS tracking is the most efficient solution for securing kids from unanticipated dangers.

How can Parental Control Apps Help in Securing Kids?

How can Parental Control Apps Help in Securing Kids?

For all those, who are new to the concept of parental controls, allow us to introduce you to the idea and purpose of such software.

Parental control software, as the name suggests, are apps that control and monitor kids’ digital habits and impose parental controls on certain device activities. These apps are suitable for kids using or owning personal gadgets like smartphones.

Most of the apps in the market offer a variety of features for securing kids on digital platforms. These apps can help in controlling and gradually diminishing your child’s gadget addiction.

So, what are the features that help secure your kids and control their addiction at the same time?

How do Parental Control Apps help in Providing Digital Security to your Child?

Here are some cool features offered by Bit Guardian Parental Control app:

How do Parental Control Apps help in Providing Digital Security to your Child?

  1.     Parental Control App for SOS & Pick Me

Do you feel anxious when your kid is out for a concert? Carnival? Or Halloween’s night? Yes? Don’t feel lonely; all parents get worried. And its human to be worried. But when there is a solution to stay in touch with your kids, then you can stop thinking!

If your kid is stuck in a problem, then he/she can press the SOS button to alert you in case of an emergency. Once you know the location of your kid, you can easily track them down and rescue them from any trouble. Similarly, if your kid is stuck at a remote location, unable to access any mode of transport, the Pick Me button can quickly help in locating your child and providing them a commute at the notified address.

  1.   Parental Control App for GPS tracking

Kids often get adventurous at their age. They want to explore and enjoy everything that they can. It’s hard to stop your kids from enjoying new opportunities but you can find a suitable way to track your kid by leveraging the GPS location finder within the app.

The GPS location finder is an efficient and accurate option to keep your kids safe. Bit Guardian’s location finder is handy when your kids are hiking or camping at remote locations.

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  1.    Parental Control App for App install Block

There are several channels through which cyberbullies can target your kid. Apps that support these activities are not known to kids and parents. We understand parents cannot be everywhere to monitor kids’ digital habits. Hence, the parental control software can restrict such apps (for example dating apps like Tinder) which are unsuitable for kids.

  1.   Parental Control App for Kiosk mode

Keep your mind at peace knowing your kid can only view a handful of apps that are available on their screen. Kiosk mode makes this possible by launching a phone launcher that contains only suitable and educational apps for your kid’s view.

The kiosk mode can come in very handy during exams and any significant academic venture.

Kiosk mode keeps your kid away from distractions.

  1. Parental Control App for Calls monitoring

You may not be in the city, but the kids might get calls from unknown numbers and suspicious callers. Don’t worry! In case you have noticed any suspicious calling in your kid’s phone block the numbers. Good news is, both incoming and outgoing calls can be barred

Many parents often find their kids facing a problem with a friend in school. And if your child shows tensed looks because of phone calls from such friends, block the numbers to keep your child safe in your absence. You can always disable the setting when you wish.

  1. Parental Control App for Time Schedule

It’s hard to expect a kid to understand the importance of time. At a crucial hour in their life, they may get distracted because of digital gadgets instead of giving 100 %.

Especially with academics, you need to be more careful with kids’ schedules. Avoid any slack by setting a time schedule on the kids’ phone using the parental control app. Control your kid’s study hours by setting curfew time on their smartphones. Once their study time is over, the device will automatically get activated.

  1. Parental Control App for Anti-theft mode

It is highly possible that your kid loses his/her phone and robbers aren’t saints who would return the phone immediately. So, ensure your child’s data does not go into wrong hands by activating the Anti-Theft mode.

Ring the phone to alert bystanders, locate the phone using GPS and safeguard personal data by remotely initiating a factory reset.

All parental control functionalities are part of modern parenting involving technology. So, make parenting easy for you by guarding kids for the unforeseen dangers of the digital world.

Install the Bit Guardian Parental Control app and stop feeling guilty about the Android phone you presented you kid on their last birthday!

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