How Much Time to Devote in Exams

First of all, you have to understand the pattern of ca exams like checkout all latest papers i.e. last three or four years just to see the exam pattern.

After knowing about the exam pattern start preparation for each subject. When you have done your final revision give 2 days to each subject and go through from each and every topic. Then we are going to tell you about how much time is to be devoted during your exams time.

  • For your first exam i.e. accounting, it depends on you that how much time you will take for revision. Generally, it is sufficient to take 3-4 days before the exam for preparation.
  • After giving the exam you probably comes at home around 6 o’clock then we advised you to prepare for ethics and communication because the weight age of this portion is  40 marks so prepare this portion till you sleep.
  • Then next day prepares business law and company law, equally, time should be devoted to business law and company law for eg. if you have 16 hours then devote 8 hours to business law and 8 hours to company law 
  • And on the next day when your exam is at 2 pm then wake up and revise all the ethics and communication again, just go through it properly after that go for your exam.
  • After giving your law exam, starts preparation for your next exam that is cost and FM. When you reached home starts preparation for FM firstly and on next day after completing FM starts costing. When you sit for study take all the notes, all the books with yourself and do study at the peaceful place of your house.
  • On next day wake up and revise theory properly because it is a very important part you can’t skip this and if some time is left then revise your pending costing before going for the exam.
  • Then your fourth exam is taxation after reached home starts preparation of indirect tax till you going for sleep. On next day after completing IDT starts Direct tax , a direct tax is a lengthy portion so try to revise it fastly 
  • On your exam day revise IDT properly and if some time is left then revise your direct tax portion before going for the exam.
  • Your fifth exam is advanced accounting when you reached home after writing the exam of taxation starts preparation for accounting standards till night and if it is possible then also do departmental accounts. On next day starts preparation of remaining chapters like financial statements of banking companies is a very important chapter and topic regarding debentures is also very important so prepares them properly.
  • Actually, in advance accounting, you have to prepare all the chapters because the examiner will try to put questions from every chapter and no doubt this is more scoring subject.
  • Revise from practice manual and from RTP properly.
  • Your sixth exam is auditing and assurance after reached home starts your preparation by reading practice manual and RTP’s. Most important chapters are – Basic Concepts in Auditing , Preparation for an Audit , Internal Control so revise them first and after that move to company audit, Vouching Control , Special Audits, etc.
  • Also, do proper focus on standards of auditing.
  • Information Technology and Strategic Management is your last exam and you feel very tired after giving six exams so don’t lose hope and start preparation for strategic management till night.
  • On next day try to complete your strategic management till 12 o’clock then start Information Technology. Before going for an exam do the revision of strategic management if it is possible.

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