Here Is How Eye Tracker Technology Works

Here Is How Eye Tracker Technology Works? Tech companies are coming up with innovation that offers more immersive experience. When it comes to immersion then users are already familiar with the terms virtual reality and augmented reality only. A relatively lessor known tech innovation is tracking through eye movements which is finding a great use in gaming.

Enthusiastic gamers who are also obsessed with technology will surely love this technology. That allows them hitting their targets and controlling the game’s characters by a mere movement of eye.

Further, those who want to enjoy an immersive experience without wearing anything. Like a virtual reality headset can find this technology interesting. For this all they need to know is how eye tracker gaming technology works.

What Is this Technology All About?

As the name indicates, eye tracker is all about playing and controlling or commanding a game action with the help of eye movement. Before we move further, one should note that eye tracker gaming technology is an input but it is not a replacement of actions that need control with the help of mouse or keyboard.

Briefly it aids the action, reaction and panning the gaze with the help of eye movements, ensuring minimal and timely efforts.

How Eye Tracker Technology Helps Gamers

Now let’s have a look at an example to have a detailed overview of how this works. Just consider that you are a gamer and playing a first person. You are standing in the middle of a field and looking up to sky where you need to adjust the lighting. Now, if you don’t have an eye tracker technology embedded in your game, you will need a mouse and keyboard to adjust the light. Contrary to this, you will not have to bother with such input devices as technology will track your gaze and automatically enhance the lighting in response.

Similarly, it will enhance the sound, help you aim in better way, improve the targeting at enemy and even guide significantly in combat by responding to the eye movements. Briefly, the technology is all about better knowing the instincts of gamer and then enhancing audio-visual effects for him and reducing the in-put for them. For tech savvy gamers, this technology is no less than a fun. And, those who are novice to such features, get to enjoy just a game within a game by seeing how the technology lets the things change by mere input of an eye movement.

Some Enhanced Feature of Eye Tracker Technology

Till now you must have got an idea that eye tracker technology is all about using eye movements as an input. Well, that’s not the all in general. In fact, it has several other features that take the gaming experience to a whole new immersive level, specifically for those who play as first person. Here Is How Eye Tracker Technology Works For example in simulator games you can use a combination of head tracking and eye tracking movements to look around and have a clear view of your surroundings. In this way, eye tracking feature works as an AR technology which is again a plus benefit. The technology simply measures the instinct through eye movement and then shapes a reaction with some minimal effort.