Digital Signature

Digital signature may be a mathematical theme to verify the legitimacy of digital documents or messages. Also, a sound digital signature permits the recipient to trust the actual fact that a familiar sender sent the message and it had been not altered in transit. during this article, we are going to scrutinize the sections of the knowledge Act, 2000 that agitate digital certificates.

Like written signatures, digital signatures give authentication of the associated input or messages.

Further, digital signatures online certify the supply of messages like associate degree email correspondence or a go for electronic type.

The 3 vital options of digital options are:

Authentication – They certify the supply of messages. Since the possession of a digital certificate is sure to a selected user, the signature shows that the user sent it.

Integrity – typically, the sender associate degreed receiver of a message want an assurance that the message wasn’t altered throughout transmission. A digital certificate provides this feature.

Non-Repudiation – A sender cannot deny causing a message that includes a digital signature.

According to the knowledge Technology Act, 2000, digital signatures mean authentication of associate degreey electronic record by a subscriber by means that of an electronic technique or procedure in accordance with the provisions of section three. Further, the IT Act, a pair of000 deals with digital signatures beneath Sections 2, 3, and 15.

Section 2(1)(p)

According to Section 2(1)(p), digital signature means that ‘authentication of associate degreey electronic record victimisation an electronic technique or procedure in accordance with the provisions of Section 3‘.

Further, authentication may be a method for confirming the identity of an individual or proving the integrity of data. Authenticating messages involves crucial the supply of the message and supportive that’s has not been altered or changed in transit.

Section 3

Section three of the knowledge technology Act, 2000 provides bound provisions for the authentication of electronic records. The provisions are:

Subject to the provisions of this section, associate degreey subscriber will affix his digital signature and thence certify an electronic record.

An uneven crypto system and hash operate enclose and remodel the initial electronic record into another record that affects the authentication of the record.

Also, someone in possession of the general public key will verify the electronic record.

Further, each subscriber includes a personal key and a public key that ar distinctive to him and represent a functioning key try.

Secure Digital Signature (Section 15)

Let’s say that 2 parties comply with apply a precise security procedure. If it’s attainable to verify that a digital signature pasted was

Unique to the subscriber affixing it.

Capable of distinguishing the subscriber. and Created in a very manner beneath the exclusive management of the subscriber.

Also, it’s joined to the electronic record in such a way that a amendment within the record invalidates the digital signature


It is a secure digital signature.

Solved Question on Digital Signature

Q1. What are digital signatures?


Digital signatures mean the authentication of associate degrees electronic record victimization an electronic technique or procedure in accordance with the provisions of the knowledge Technology Act, 2000. Also, a written signature scanned and digitally hooked up with a document doesn’t qualify as a Digital Signature.