How can you contact QuickBooks Data Services?

If you have an active QuickBooks data services and you want to know. Your details are available on the Data service customer. You can easily find your login information on the welcome Email. In this subject your case number also available here. Read the article for further information or you can also contact our QuickBooks support center to save your time.

Ways to contact QuickBooks Data Services

QuickBooks data service team operates Quickbooks Support Group you are using to work with. Visit on QuickBooks data service customer status information. Then select on the status check. And then Enter your personal information for check status.


Email is a default communication method. Keep attentive in your mail inbox. In this process, you receive emails from detailed information. Even you speak directly with a member most information can be sent by Emails. Each Email included your case number. You can also send a general message to intuit data service.

1). You can also send a message your Assigned data services through your online case note to our agents. The team works for different hours.

2). You can also chat with a member of the data service team. They can review your notes you. Or helped to call back the assigned agent. They can also help you with general tasks.

3). If You have an active data services case you can check your details on. Data service customer status information. Your case can not get assigned to the data service team until those action items are done. 

When you reported your issues to QuickBooks Support. it will take three or five working days for receiving your data file. They should have set Expectations for data service process. And provide some actions you need to take.

For a case involving QuickBooks desktop product

1). Your company file must be uploaded to the accurate website.

2). If you are converting your 3rd party software to your QuickBooks software. You have to provide a password for your company file to third-party software 

Case for QuickBooks online

1). You have to give permission for this. And this link is available on your welcome Email. You have to add data service in admin user in your QuickBooks account.

2). You have to select a Gear icon at the top. And then click on manage users.

3). Click on the” New” option. Select your company administrator and then click on next. 

If you are converting third-party software to your QuickBooks online. Then you have to enter your company file password from the third party software.  

Sending the file to Quickbooks Data service for repair 

Sometimes QuickBooks data service file be corrupted and it can not be rebuilt. And file may be sent to the QuickBooks data service. Intuit can repair your file in 8 hours. But they can take 48 hours to repair it. In rare cases, they cant be able to repair files. In this case, you have to start over with a new file you can contact clean books for professional Assistance. 

How to send your QuickBooks data for repair

1). Contact QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

2)  if CleanBook was unable to solve your problems. The refers it to Proadvisor 

3). The support team assigns a case number and pin.

4). CleanBooks will upload your data to Intuit data service team.

5). Intuit return it to CleanBooks after repaired it will take 2 working days. And cleanBooks verify file repaired or not after this process. CleanBooks return it to you. 

Now I hope that you understand how to contact QuickBooks Data Service if you still getting problems you can contact QuickBooks Online Support. Our experts will help you to get solutions for your problems.