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Acer SWIFT 7 Hands-On: A Svelte and Stylish Laptop

As usual, there are plenty of new and thrilling laptops at CES 2018, with Acer’s efficient Swift 7 one of the majorities moving off the lot. It’s the world’s thinnest laptop, thrashing its own evidence with a few upgrades thrown in for good quantify and it was such an awesome laptop.


A case study with Acer and Microsoft

In early 2015, Cranford Community College Senior Leadership Team was exploring how they could point themselves a school with finest, leading border technologies. Alan Fraser the Assistant Head Teacher planned the fixing of Acer desktops and monitors transversely the school.


New Acer Laptops 2017: Are these the ultimate lightweight student notebooks?

The current year’s IFA 2017 display is just barely in progress, however Acer is now producing tech news – checking a tempting collection of new workstations.


Laptop Repair: 5 Common Acer Laptop Problems

Not all laptop brands are made the same.  There is no such thing as a perfect laptop brand.  (note: most Mac loyalists would disagree with that statement.)  Each manufacturer has their own common problems resulting from their parts, assembly methods and configuration.  We beforehand examined basic reasons for HP workstation repair. Much the same as HP, Acer PCs have certain issues that tend to influence them, bringing about the requirement for workstation repairs. Knowing the most common issues can help you when purchasing a laptop.  In addition, knowing these common problems can help you understand what is going on if our laptop is malfunctioning.  If your laptop is running slow, be sure to follow these steps to speeding up your computer before you blame the computer brand.   Below are some of the common issues associated with ACER laptops and how to handle them.