AR-based games that will increase its popularity with iOS 11

In the mobile world, the gaming industry is growing faster than ever. In the first quarter of 2017 alone, Google Play is the platform that rivals the rope in the mobile game download race, which grew by 53 percent and reached $ 11 billion. Compared to last year, Google Play grew by 83 percent and Apple Store grew by 35 percent.

However, with the iOS 11 update, the Augmented Reality (AR) kit, which offers ARKit on their mobile devices, Apple can take the lead. With this new feature, game studios have begun to develop games for iPhone and iPad enthusiasts. We’ve put together a few games you’ll love on the ever-increasing list.

With a total team of 100 people, you join the world of a small adventurer in ARise, which comes from smart game developer Climax Studios. For now, in a three-stage puzzle game, the player needs to move in order to advance. The company promises that the paid updates will be free of charge every month.

Pigeon Panic

Pigeon Panic, which took its place in the iOS application on September 23, seems to be quite popular with its target audience. Players with 20 seconds at the start of the game chase the pigeons and jump to the next level, earning points.

The game developed by Combo, the creators ‘nonsense’, although the main purpose of the fun they emphasize. The advice is to play the game outside.

Splitter Critters

A space-themed puzzle game designed by Rac7 Games can appeal to players of any generation. In-game purchases do not offer our little hero in the game to help overcome the obstacles on the planet, you become part of the adventure.

Launched in the first months of 2017, the game was integrated into augmented reality with ARKit. Players can play Splitter Critters on a flat surface.

Mammoth Mini Golf AR

Mammoth Mini Golf AR, another game based on Augmented Reality AR Oyunlar, offers mini golf experience to its users. has designed the game which can be played up to four people. Previously working for many Hollywood studios, including Disney, Universal, Nickelodeon, and Sony, the team can get a good score from Mammoth Mini Golf, although they focus on web-based games.

Paint Space Tools

Although our article is about games, we couldn’t help sharing Paint Space . It is very enjoyable to use this tool which combines any image you draw on your phone with AR technology depending on your location. Regardless of how much technology you can do, it can be a bit related to your imagination. Paint Space Tools can also inspire Instagram Stories and the world of digital advertising with AR in the near future.

Fable AR

Fable is an app that will inspire quite a lot of other industries, even if the game isn’t. The team that designs the application claims that it offers its users a whole new way of expressing themselves. The application allows users to create their own avatars by scanning their faces and calls for users to tell their stories, express their feelings, share their moments and accumulate memories.

Emoji is now outdated by specifying an ambitious application of the application, defines itself as the next generation emoji. The application can be quite popular, especially among the Z generation. In the meantime, let us remind here that in 2020 generation Z will constitute 33 percent of the world’s population.