The digital wave has engulfed all age groups in its captive. Old or young, we all dwell in the digital world. However, the oldies accept and realize priorities and leave gadgets once in a while, with kids it is a tough call.

Cell phones are kids first preference as far as entertainment is concerned, they hardly utilize phones or other gadgets for productive tasks. Kids cell phone addiction has compelled parents to use the best parental control application for Android devices, to combat the addiction issues in the bud.

Instead of persistent supervising, parents have resorted to modern parenting – diverting children’s attention to engaging activities and enforcing parental controls whenever needed.

Why do Kids Need Cell Phone Rules?

Addiction is not the only threat parents foresee; dangers of online goons are more prominent issues parents need to deal with. Unarguably, cell phones play a significant part in kids’ overall upbringing yet; there are many reasons to be cautious with the digital platforms:

  • Cyber attacks
  • Cyberbullies
  • Impersonators
  • Health hazards
  • Explicit content influence
  • Distraction (from academics, sports, art, etc.)
  • Psychological threats (depression, anxiety, loneliness, etc.)
  • Social anxiety and awkwardness

These are surface issues we can see and vouch for, but honestly, several other reasons are hidden and cause trouble in a kid’s life.

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5 Popular Ways to Force Cell Phone Rules on kids

To combat digital dangers and offer a safe experience to your child, here are some exciting and easy cell phone rules which can easily be implemented on kids:

  1.    Set a time

How often do you sit and chit chat with your kid? Not often? Well, it’s time you begin and find out what their cell phone world entails. What kind of content do they like watching? And how much time are they spending? Yes, in case you figured your kid might give a false picture about their digital habits, then start observing and tracking their browsing history.

Once you work out your kid’s digital habits, set screen time restrictions. Preferably, media time should begin after school hours, and should not eat up playtime. 1-2 hours a day is all they need. Parental control for time schedule in Bit Guardian app will assist you in setting screen time restrictions efficiently.

  1.   No Cell Phone Zones

Probably, this will be the hardest one to enforce, considering how difficult it gets not to see the screen when the notification tone keeps ringing. However, as parents, you need to set a ground rule for “NO PHONE ZONES,” and it is applicable for all members.

Few places where you need to ensure your kids should not carry the phone are listed below:

  • School
  • Dinner table
  • Family time (exceptions can be made based on the situation)
  • Study table (exceptions can be made based on the requirement)
  • Bedtime
  • While driving
  • During holidays (besides the phone camera, all other apps should remain untouched)

If your kids cannot be a sport and stick to this plan. Try the parental control for Time Schedule and App Blocker to restrict screen time and apps respectively, as and when needed.

  1.   Parent’s Consent

While there are plenty of educational and productive apps in the market, there are far more inappropriate apps that kids can lay their hands on.

You cannot pry into their private space to find out what their preferences, instead use a parental control app for Kiosk Mode to restrict the apps on their phone. Each time your kid requests for new apps, unavoidably they will need your consent. This is an excellent method to keep explicit contents and adult contents like dating apps away from kids.

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  1.  Avoid Suspicious Callers and Online Strangers

Often, kids stay in contact with bullies and strangers just to keep themselves safe. There is a high possibility that the contacts can manipulate your kid in doing something you may regret. Instead of waiting for the unfortunate day, implement a ground rule for not contacting any strangers or unknown callers.

There are kids call monitoring tools that can help in tracking your kids’ activities. Also, Bit Guardian offers a Call blocking technique, that blocks both incoming and outgoing calls from any number (stranger or annoying classmate, everyone can be targeted).

  1.    No Internet Past Bedtime

No denying, web is the lifeline of today’s information needs. And students have leveraged internet’s convenience excellently. However, the internet is also the gateway to all kinds of unsuitable content which kids can easily access. So, do kids need internet past bedtime? No.

Maintaining a strict rule of using the internet during the day and switching off the router at night is exactly what kids need. Yes, parents need to have complete control over the router to not leave any gaps for your kids.

How can the Best Parental Control Application for Android Assist Parents?

Parental control apps have recently become popular in the parents’ circuit. Most parents have acknowledged its use and implemented parental control software in kid’s cell phones.

The good news is, parents are seeing progress in kids’ attitude. Most children have diverted their attention towards alternate sources of entertainment like sports, reading, dance forms, etc. Parents are observing that kids are more attentive and responsive after implementing parental controls.

If numerous parents are already witnessing results, what are you waiting for? Implement the ground rules mentioned above with the assistance of the best parental control application for Android today!