Simple Measures To Take Care Of Acer Laptop Battery

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Simple Measures To Take Care Of Acer Laptop Battery

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When we talk of a laptop with top brand value, the only name that comes to our mind is Acer. Acer makes one of the best laptops for business as well as for personal use. The reason for top quality of Acer laptops is its excellent battery life and quality. As battery constitutes one of the main components of Acer laptop so it becomes necessary to take care of Acer laptop battery. Here we are providing you with some simple measures by which you can take care of his/her Acer laptop battery.

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=> Never ever use charger of different Acer laptops to your laptops. It’s because all Acer laptops have different voltage settings & connecting ports, so this will cause damage to your Acer laptop. Therefore, if you value your laptop then use only factory supplied charger.
=> Don’t try to charge the Acer laptop battery when it is only half discharged. As this will lead to Acer laptop battery not charging fully.
=> Some Acer laptop also comes with pre-installed software to monitor the Acer laptop battery. One should be familiar with this software as it will result in saving lot of recharging cycles if it is configured properly.
=> If you connect your laptop with A.C. power, then the charger must be removed while you are using the laptop. The reason for this is heat damages li-on batteries. If the laptops generate lots of heat near batteries (smarter designed laptops do not generate this type of heat), one must remove charger when not in use.
=> Try not to play a DVD movie or anything else that needs lots of power as it will result in discharging of battery faster. All Acer laptop have a protection circuit to stop drainage of batter to critical level. One should connect the charger only when battery discharges completely, and then charge it fully.
=> One must use the laptop on a flat surface for a longer battery life. This is because when we use laptops by placing it on our laps, it results in stopping the flow of air through laptop. This will result in raising the temperature of battery & thus damaging it.
=> One should remember not to pack the laptop in a bag or any backpack while it’s still warm as It will trap the heat. Because the battery which is too hot to touch will start losing its shelf life as compared to the battery which is not stressed like the enclosed one.
=> Always remember not to charge the laptop constantly. If one leaves the laptop plugged in to charge 24/7, then the laptop remains at charging at the 100% point. This is bad for any Acer laptop battery long shelf life.
=> If you are using your laptop at your desk, then you should discharge your Acer laptop battery fully and recharge it again fully once or twice a month.
=> On the other hand, if you are using Acer laptop at your desk for long time then one may wants to remove the battery. But after removing it, don’t store it fully charged or discharged state. Keep it in around 50& of full charge.

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