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ACER is a brand name which needs no further introduction in electronics market. Especially the laptops by Acer are known as the one of the best in the world. Also, Acer laptops have more additional features than any other laptop in the same price range. Acer laptops are generally favoured mostly by business people and gamers. This is because of the reason the specification and quality of pre – installed software are of high quality.

In spite of all this, some people have common issues with their Acer laptops. So, here I am trying to provide solution to the problems faced by people.

#1 Acer Laptop Showing Black Screen

  • Display is Disabled – Sometimes while starting or working on the computer, the display of the laptop gets disabled accidentally.
  • Dim Brightness – The brightness of Acer Aspire can be increased by pressing the Fn key along with the left key to the level which is okay to eyes.

#2 Running Speed of Acer Aspire is Slow

  • Due to Internet Connection – If anyone is facing problem while loading their pages (which needs internet) then it is due to problem in internet speed. Either more people are using the wi – fi on which internet is running or the slow speed of internet is to blame.
  • Upgrading the RAM (Random Access Memory) – One other reason for this problem is that the laptop don’t have the proper RAM as per requirement. The solution to this problem is to increase the RAM of your laptop.

#3 Acer Aspire Laptop is not Getting Power ON

  • AC Adapter not Working – The first which needs to keep in mind during this issue is to see whether AC Adapter is working properly or not. When adapter is plugged in and a light is shown on it then it is fine. Otherwise, replacement is the only solution for this problem.
  • Broken Battery – Now if adapter is working properly then let laptop to charge properly for some time as it may have a charging issue. If after sometime, still it shows the same problem then battery needs to be replaced.

#4 Acer Laptop Having Storage Issues

  • Replacing the Hard Drive – The first reason of storage issue is that your Acer Aspire laptop has low Hard Drive Storage. So, the solution is to replace the old Hard drive with the new one. For this process one must take any backup of files he/she has on the hard drive, then turn the laptop off and remove the hard drive. Now replace the new hard drive at the exact place of old had drive. Now copy the backup data to the new hard drive. Your issue is sorted out.
  • Using other Storage Measures – One can also store their important files, pictures, videos and all other important stuff in an online platform like “Icloud”. As this will give you an extra option to save your data in other media without taking space in your hard drive.

These are some of the common issues (and solutions) face by people having Acer Aspire Laptop. There are also some other issues regarding to laptops which we will discuss in our next blog.




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