11 Important Tips to Protect Your Indoor Pets

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Do you think that your home is the safest place for your pets? Not at all, take a look around your house and identify how many dangerous elements are there that can be hazardous for your pets such as poisonous chemicals, electric wiring, and outlets, etc.

Don’t worry! You’re not the only one who has their pets living in a dangerous environment. You have to just beware of all the dangerous situations and protect your pet from these.

Here in this article, emergency electrician Central Coast are going to list down some most dangerous situations for your pets, have a look!

1. Keep Toxic Plants Away From Home

Plants and flowers not only make our home aesthetically pleasing but also refresh the indoor atmosphere. But, do you know that some plants can be toxic to your pets. You must have proper information about which plants are harmful to your pet and keep it away from your place.

2. Unhealthy Food

We usually give our leftovers to our pets but it is not mandatory that the things which are healthy for us will also be good for our pets. Moreover, some food items can be dangerous for them such as chocolate, caffeine, onions, and garlic, etc.

To keep your pet away from food items which are bad for their health, keep the pantry doors shut and never leave food on the dining table and kitchen corners.

3. Dangerous Liquids

You may be surprised after reading that some cats cannot drink milk. This may result in vomiting and diarrhea. Moreover, caffeine is also a dangerous liquid for pets. Drinking caffeine mixed liquid results in rapid breathing, heart palpitations, and muscle tremors in your pets.

In addition to this, there are many other liquids that are harmful to pets like detergents, bleach, and other cleaning chemicals. Keep them away from the reach of your pets.

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4. Medicines

Medicines are used by us for relief from illness but these can be dangerous for cats and dogs. In case if your pet intake painkiller tablet then they will feel agitation, wobbliness, tremors and possibly seizures.

Most of the emergency calls are due for pets are due to ingesting human medicines. Some of the medicines you must keep in locked drawers in order to protect your pets are Ibuprofen, Tramadol, Alprazolam and Adderall

5. Electric Shock

Cats and dogs love to play with electrical wires but this can be highly risky. It may result in electrocute, burn or any other electrical hazard. Make sure that all the outlets are safe and wiring is not degraded.

If you find any electrical problem which may lead to serious electrical hazard then you should immediately contact emergency electricians of Central Coast.

They offer various electrical services:

  • Installation of safe electrical switches and outlets
  • Emergency Electrical services Central Coast
  • Instantly resolve any electric failure.

6. Celebration time

The holidays are for celebration but you have to be extra careful about your pets. They may fall in danger while you are busy with decoration stuff.  For decoration, we need different things such as cords and lights, gift ribbons, ornaments, plastic eggs, and confetti.

While decoration, we scatter everything all over and our pets may entangle between wires ingest something harmful. Therefore, be careful during the holiday celebration and let your home electrical system be inspected through qualified Central Coast electricians.


7. Tiny Household elements

Pets love to play with small things like toys, batteries, bowl, plate spoon, safety pins, etc. But it can be threatening when they ingest or chew these items. You cannot stop your pets from playing with these items but you can keep these items away from them.

8. Life-threatening chemicals

Do you have chemicals like bug & insect sprays, pesticides, and weed-killers? If your answer is yes, then make sure that these poisonous chemicals are away from your dogs and cats. These are highly dangerous that even small traps can take away their lives.

9. Smoking is harmful to pets

If you are a smoker then you should avoid smoking in front of your pets. Nicotine is really harmful to these animals and sometime it may lead to their death.

Make sure that your pet is away from cigarettes, cigar butts, nicotine patches, or tobacco. Store these items safely so that your pet will not find them.

10. Have pet proof ducts

Never let vents and ducts at your home open because your pet may fall down through a duct or stuck in the vent. If you have a duct in your home then make them safe for cats and dogs. Moreover, fireplace vents also release gases that are not good for them.

There are few tips which you should follow to prevent your dogs and cats from any mishap.

  • Plug your vents so that your dog may not be stuck inside.
  • Limit the amount of heat or chilled air released by vent
  • Try to keep your dog away from vents.
  • Do regular inspection and make sure that ducts and vents are not bending warping that can hurt your dog.

11. Safe Bathrooms

The bathrooms pose a high risk for pets. Our bathroom cabinets usually have harmful chemicals which can be fatal to pets. Not only chemicals but there are many other things that are threatening. The electric outlets and wires in the bathroom are also highly dangerous.

You should always call professionals like electrical contractors Central Coast for installing safe outlets. Therefore, for the safety of your four –leg friend keep your bathroom door locked.